Citrus Hills Intermediate School
Intermediate Band Program



The purpose of Intermediate Band is to:

• continue to develop good technical habits in each student on his/her respective instrument.

• correct any misconceptions each student may have regarding basic playing technique.

• teach basic musicianship including dynamics, phrasing, and articulation.

• continue to develop good technical habits such as posture and instrument holding position.

• develop in each student a sense of responsibility to himself/herself and to others in the group.
• help each student realize a sense of pride in the work he/she produces through focused preparation and attention to directions.

• develop self-control, discipline and independence as it relates to classroom behavior and individual practice.

• prepare each student for advancement to the most challenging band he/she is capable of participating in successfully.

• prepare each student for participation in a high school band program.


• Tone Production (a concept of characteristic tone and the skills needed to achieve it, as well as an introduction to professional tone control techniques)

• Scales (major scales, two octaves where possible and the chromatic scale for at least two octaves; these are used to familiarize the students with all the fingerings and finger patterns in the basic range of each instrument)

• Technique (selected scales and etudes requiring progressive facility in the areas of fingering, range, rhythm, and musicianship)

• Intonation (recognition of good / poor intonation and the ability to apply corrective techniques)

• Musicality (knowledge of standard tempo, stylistic, and dynamic markings along with the ability to find normal phrasing points in a musical line)

• Performance (participation in at least three public performances and one band festival)

• Listening (being able to critically listen to other band performances)

• Music Theory (continue to study more advanced concepts of music theory)


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